About Me

My name is Nhia Xiong. I am a self-taught photographer located in Saint Paul, MN. One thing I love the most is “LOVE” and being in love. Through my photography, I put a lot of labor and love into my photographs. I also put a lot of time to get to know my clients to fully understand what they envision for their portraits; whether it family or a beautiful and glamorous wedding. Moments I capture are precious not only to me, but to those on the other side of the lens as well. And, I love it!

I am a hopeless romantic! I love everything about LOVE! Moments like the bride & grooms seeing each other for the first time to sharing the first kiss on their wedding date. Or, as simple as first time parents capturing pictures of their newest bundle of joy. My heart is filled with so much hope knowing that two people love each other so much, they are committed to making sure that love continues to burn. That is my mission through my photography. My photographs is a constant reminder, when you walk through your living room or while you sit at your desk, that love is the reason why you made the decisions you did to be who you are today. To me, that is a beautiful journey. I love playing a small role in that story!


I hope as you scroll through my website and shop around for the best person to share your special love with you, that you take a little piece of mine and enjoy it to the fullest.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I hope you continue to have a beautiful day!